574 Convenience Store

Order anything you want from 574 Convenience Store using our chat! Our Front Desk will fly to bring what you ordered to your room. Want something not on the list? Ask us to see if we can get it for you!
Product Price (COP)
Bottle of Water $3.500
Beer $5.800
Coke/Soda $3.500
Small sausages $7.000
Pringles $8.000
M&M's $5.800
Toothbrush $3.500
Toothpaste $4.600
Bottle of Rum $25.000
Chips $3.500
Oreo cookies $3.500
Trululu Gummies $4.600
Snicker $5.800
Bottle of Aguardiente $25.000
Room Card $10.000